19 Aug 2011

Sandra Brec is so hot she can melt icebergs

I have absolutely no idea who Sandra Brec is, but as you can clearly see, she’s uber hot, and has one of the sexiest bodies I’ve seen lately which is more than enough to get our full and undivided attention. Ok, her face is a bit awkward but just look at her body!!! So… let’s do a quick search to see what Google has on this peach… not too much I’d say.

Ohhhh, she’s Polish. That explains a lot. Gosh, I’ve drooled so much over Polish hotties lately that I even plan to visit that country in the next months. Sandra Brec is just another gorgeous Polish model ready to impress us all with her amazing curves and she’s done the right thing to make us remember her name which is.. posing in skimpy lingerie.

Here she is, doing what she does best (I guess) and that’s looking absolutely stunning for the newest collection of lingerie from Sawren. If these photos won’t make you remember this girl’s name then… I really don’t know what will. Enjoy!