3 Dec 2012

Sam Adams Ultra Strong Utopias is the world’s most expensive beer

Beer is usually pretty darn cheap but the Sam Adams Utopias is not your ordinary beer, it’s super exclusive and super expensive as well. The 2012 version of this ultra strong beer celebrates the 10th anniversary of the beer and, in case you want one, you’ll have to hunt it down because less than 20,000 bottles have hit the market this year.

Compared to your average beer which has around 5-10% alcohol, the Sam Adams Ultra Strong Utopias has 29% alcohol by volume and it’s sold at $190 per bottle, which means it’s probably the most expensive commercially available beer in the world right now. Along with barley malt, yeast, hops and water, it also has Champagne yeast and Maple syrup, invoking the flavors of fine Cognac or aged cherry.

The 2012 version has been aged for years in different type of barrels and includes some of the brewery’s original flavors from 1993. The bottle has 24 ounces and is probably something you’d like to keep, especially since you’re gonna pay over $7 per ounce of beer.