27 Jul 2010

Rosie Roff unleashes her rollercoaster curves!

Rosie Roff Show 1

It’s time to show you a new babe you’ve probably never heard of, coming straight from UK and ready to rock the whole world with her jaw dropping body: Rosie Roff! She’s a British glamour model but her career is just about to take off in US after a couple of screaming hot photoshoots!

This peach started her career in modeling when she was spotted at the beach and asked to join a bikini competition. This contest led to a few shoots, then to a couple of gigs and soon after everyone wanted to see more of this Rosie Roff and her perfectly shaped body.

She’s quite on fire now and her popularity is getting bigger and bigger with every new batch of lingerie pictures with her. Here we’ve got glamour model Rosie Roff showing off her drool inducing curves in a recent issue of Show magazine wearing nothing but black lingerie.

If this is not enough to make you fall for this peach then I really don’t know what is. Gawking starts in 3,2,1… go!