11 Dec 2012

Roos van Montfort will be your new favorite hottie

We’ll end this Tuesday with another hot little minx I’m pretty sure you don’t know yet, an up and coming Dutch supermodel who goes by the name Roos van Montfort born in the city I really want to visit next year for a week or so, Amsterdam!!! I’m usually really good at predicting stuff about young models, and I’m sure this girl will take the world by storm with her perfect little body in the next year.

She already posed for Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s and that’s BIG for any girl who wants to be called a supermodel. We’re going to focus on her Macy’s shoot right now, ’cause that’s probably the best set of photos to get you guys acquainted with this girl’s hotness and adorable smile.

She looks so sweet that you’ll probably melt into a puddle after gawking at these photos so .. don’t say I haven’t warned you. Sit back and prepare yourselves to believe in love at first sight because here’s Roos van Montfort looking like a ball of hotness while modeling skimpy lingerie from Macy’s. Enjoy!