9 Jul 2013

Roos van Montfort looking like a ball of hotness

Anyone else remembers Dutch super hottie Roos van Montfort? No?! Well, allow me to refresh your memory and imprint onto it this hot little minx.. forever! I’m usually really good at predicting stuff about young models, and I’m sure this girl will take the world by storm with her perfect little bod.

This virtually unknown peach has already posed for Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s, so she’s already quite successful in my opinion, and now the guys from Macy’s called her back. We’re going to focus on her new lingerie shoot right now, ’cause this is probably the best set of photos to get you guys acquainted with this girl’s hotness and adorable smile. She kind of reminds me of Kate Mara, which isn’t a bad thing to begin with.

It’s quite hot outside, so I understand why this uber sexy babe is wearing lingerie.. but it’s also quite hot in here, as well, for the same reason. She looks so sweet that she’ll probably melt me into a puddle.. so, if you’re about to check out the gallery, consider yourself warned! Here’s Roos van Montfort, putting some pressure on our sweat glandes. Enjoy!