8 Aug 2013

Roos van Montfort is putting the pressure on you

If you were to own a superb collection of beautiful cars, would you ever get tired of looking at them? I suppose not.. Well, here on Brosome, it’s difficult not to stare at our endless collection of sweet hot babes. Today we’ll focus our attention on Dutch supermodel Roos van Montfort and her perfect little body. What about a test drive?!

Well, allow me to refresh your memory and imprint onto it this hot little minx.. forever!

We’re going to focus on her new lingerie shoot right now, ’cause this is probably the best way to admire the perfect set of curves on this babe’s bodywork. This girl’s hotness and adorable smile is definitely not helping me cool off, but surely gets me in the mood for “wax in, wax off!”

We’ve gawked, we’ve waxed, we’ve wondered.. Sit back and prepare yourselves to believe in love at first sight because here’s Roos van Montfort putting some pressure on our sweat glandes and looking like a ball of hotness while modeling skimpy lingerie from Macy’s. Enjoy!