8 May 2012

Ronnie O’Sullivan claimed his fourth snooker world title

I have a strange feeling that most of you guys and gals don’t even know what snooker is but.. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Ronnie O’Sullivan at least once until this day. He just proved he’s the best in this sport once again by claiming his fourth world title with an 18-11 win over Ali Carter the other day.

For me Ronnie was always the best in snooker (in the last decade at least) and I think he could’ve won even more than 4 championships if he was in the mood to play snooker more often. He had his ups and downs in these last years but when he’s really, really focused and plays his best there’s probably no one who could beat him.

He took the world by storm in the early 2000s by winning his first world championship, then in 2004 came his second, four years later his third and now, once again four years later, his fourth world title. It seems like Ronnie wins championships only in the same years as the Olympic games, let’s see if he I’m right on this during the next years.

Here is the best break of this year’s final:

And.. in case you’ve missed this, check out the fastest maximum break, by Ronnie of course!