2 May 2017

With This Robot, You’ll Never Have To Strain Your Back To Carry Heavy Groceries Again!

So here was my dilemma the last time I went shopping with my mother in preparation for a big family gathering. She asked me to go to the grocery with her because I had a car and she doesn’t know how to drive.

I love my momma, in fact, I’d even go as far as offering to teach her how to drive so she doesn’t need to drag me along to shop every single time she’s cooking for a bunch of  hungry hippos. Note: we have a lot of men in the family.

And let me tell you why I’d rather give her the keys to my car (and putting my fast baby at risk). Because shopping with her is literally always equivalent to three days straight of unbearable back pain. And don’t even lecture me on how to properly lift things. I’ve practiced a lot of forms, techniques, and strategies, but to no avail, carrying all my momma’s groceries, back and forth, because it takes more than one trip from the limited area of the cart to where we’re usually parked, IS STILL FREAKING HARD.

So let me thank the gods for the Piaggio Fast Forward Gita

It’s a load-carrying robot as big as a bass drum that can carry all those heavy groceries for me. It is programmed to simply follow its owner, silently rolling from behind, while you are wearing a belt so it can detect you. No need to worry about the safety of my momma’s groceries as well because it comes with a formidable safety lock. It can support up to a whopping 40 pounds of weight, and if that’s still not enough, I’m happy to say that it can also be a part of a convoy.

Come, my sweet little army, roll to papa. Goodbye back pain!