26 Dec 2011

Rihanna shows off her killer stems once again

Yeah, I can’t believe I’m doing a post on Rihanna either, especially when this post has just a couple of outtakes from her Rolling Stones photoshoot that was released a couple of months ago. But gosh.. these outtakes are so ridiculously hot that you’ll love Rihanna even more than you do right now. I know you totally dig Rihanna so don’t try to deny it, ok?

She looks really hot in a few of these shots, even though she’s not as busty as always. We all know she’s able to bust out some wicked and plentiful cleavage when she wants to but I guess a little cleavage is better than nothing at all, right? I had no idea why only three photos from this wicked photoshoot got to be featured in Rolling Stones but I’m freaking glad that these outtakes appeared on the web.

Anyways, because this photoshoot is pretty damn hot and because we haven’t published the initial photos from Rolling Stones, we’ve added ’em all in here, these drool inducing outtakes and in the end, the three photos that actually got to be published in the magazine. Enjoy!