24 Nov 2009

Rihanna shows off her head-to-toe hotness

Rihanna you 1

I honestly think Rihanna is the most photographed girl on the whole planet lately. Everyday we get to see a dozen of new candids with her wearing something weird but sexy in the same time or we find a couple of new pretty hot pictures from certain magazines. Don’t know how much time this chick spends in front of a camera everyday but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of cameras following her.

It’s like she’s in a sort of reality show that’s not aired on TV but we get to see her everyday wearing something different and doing almost nothing. Booring life! Anyway, we’re not really tired of seeing hot photos with Rihanna because she loves to dress up sexy and today we’ve got a new impressive photoshoot with her.

Here’s Rihanna posing for the British magazine You for their November 2009 in an amazing pictorial. The guys from “You” also tell us that her bad girl image shocked the folks back home  but they probably got used to it already.