15 Mar 2017

The Right Time To Roll-Up Those Sleeves!

Dressed up smartly for work. You look nice and feel pretty good in that long-sleeved dress shirt of yours. Awesome. Like a true gentleman that you are.

rolling Sleeves

But, you feel the heat rising as you step outside. Uh-oh. Are you going to roll-up those sleeves to give your arms a little breather, or not? When is the right time to roll up your sleeves and still not commit a fashion crime no gent wants to get caught dead in.

Here are a few tips on when is the right time to roll-up your dress sleeves.

When you’re about to get down and dirty.

A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. There are just times when you need to do the dirty stuff: carrying something really dusty, have to fix something quick with your car, or just handling generally dirty things. You wouldn’t want to get those cuffs dirty as well, right?

When the situation calls for casual.

You can’t be too formal all the time, unless you want to be tagged as boring. For those casual days at work (and of course, let’s not forget the happy hours after work), then roll up those sleeves brother. It’s best to feel the energy within your space first. Do other gents have rolled-up sleeves? Are you expecting an important meeting soon?  Feel the room.

When your dress shirt hasn’t been tailored to fit yet.

Please bro. I can’t stress this enough. Have a tailor work on those sleeves! But if it’s really an emergency situation, and it’s not a very formal occasion anyway, then go ahead. Roll them up. Just keep in mind that this is only a TEMPORARY solution.

And of course, when mercury’s rising.

Finally, we go back to the dilemma that brought us here in the first place. Yes, bro. It’s absolutely okay to roll up your sleeves when it’s hot. Just be extra careful while doing so – you don’t want to look frumpy on a hot day, and you don’t want to wrinkly up your sleeves if you’re going to need to roll it down after wards.