6 Sep 2017

The Most Ridiculously Overpriced Items In Restaurant Menus

Going to dinner with a special someone? You might want to consider the following items on this menu and watch out for them in whatever restaurant you might end up going to. These are the most overpriced items in restaurant menus ever. Why? Well, why don’t you take a seat and make yourself comfortable as we go through each one.

Extra Cheese

You don’t have a lot of cash, or maybe you’re still a student, so where do you plan to eat? At some fast food, to enjoy a juicy burger, but you want an extra slice of cheese…because, why not? It’s cheese we’re talking about here, right? But you might want to hold on to that extra order just yet, especially when it’s actually one of the most expensive items on the menu. Did you know that a single slice of extra cheese has a 417% markup?


So you decide to skip the burger, go home and have pizza instead. Good plan. I also love pizza. Only that pizza actually has a 580% to 636% markup. In fact, pizza toppings alone have a 525% markup price. Now you know how rich pizza food chains are.


Wow, Italians, I’m seeing a pattern here. If you think you are saving a lot in skipping that steak and ordering a bowl of pasta instead, then you’re wrong. As it turns out, you are actually paying the steak for what it’s worth more or less, while that $15 bowl of pasta actually cost the establishment only a few bucks to make. That’s as much as a 700% markup!


Ahh yes, finally, the big boy. If you think you’re doing your budget a favor by skipping wine and ordering beer instead? Well, I’m sorry but the only person you’re giving any favors to is the restaurant owner. That’s because beer actually has a whopping 1150% markup!

All this information are according to Priceonomics and Business Insider.