4 Jul 2017

Rick And Morty’s “Pass The Butter” Robot Exists!

Have you ever watched Rick and Morty yet? If you haven’t then you should because you are missing out on a LOT. It is an adult cartoon by Adult Swim, and oh man, it’s as adult as it can get. To tell you honestly, just remembering some of the episodes that I have already watched, the catchphrases, just certain scenes…these are all enough to keep me laughing out loud all day.

Rick And Morty's Pass The Butter Robot

The first time I saw the first episode? I wasn’t really planning on watching anything. A friend just recommended it, so I tried it out. I had other plans. After the first episode? I had to postpone those plans and binge watch the first season right then and there.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one hooked. In one particular episode, Rick had created a robot just to pass the butter. The robot was created too brilliantly that it had the mind to even ask existentialist questions, which, Rick answered that he had no other purpose but to pass the butter. That might have been a bummer for that robot, but I’m wishing that it’s not the same for his real life counterpart.

The Real Pass The Butter Robot

Andredotcom from Reddit has built a working version of this miserable robot, with, amazingly the same miserable lines “What is my purpose?” and “Oh my God.” He was able to build it using a 3D printer and an I-spy Mini Wireless Wifi App-control Spy Tank RC Car.

Unfortunately, the original video is now currently unavailable.

Fortunately, other videos are still available so you can see this actual thing work, and there are even tutorials teaching you how to make your own in real life. So have a go at it nerds!

And while you are at it, I suggest for you to watch the ninth episode of Season 9, Something Ricked This Way Comes where the robot appears for inspiration. Wubalubaduduuuuub!