5 Sep 2011

Rhian Sugden looking like her uber hot little self

Alright guys, let’s kick off the week with one of my favorite British bombshells, the lovely Rhian Sugden, looking like her usual vision of perfection in this new scorching hot bikini photoshoot. Now believe it or not.. this is the only shoot we’ve found this morning hot enough to be featured on our website and all I can say is.. thank god Rhian decided to show off her stunning body in a bikini.

I could go on and on about her ridiculously sexy this peach is, or about how amazing her tatas are or even about how much we love the fact that she’s not afraid to show off almost every inch of her body… but why waste your time when there are photos of Rhian Sugden just waiting to be clicked?

This peach has been one of my favorite British glamour models for years and… I don’t have a clue exactly why we haven’t featured her more often on our site but.. we promise that from now on you’re going to see more of Rhian Sugden here. So.. Enjoy!