25 Sep 2017

The Relaxation Hoodie That’ll Allow You To Sleep Anywhere

Fashion and comfort are two words that don’t always mix, but if you are made to think of a relaxing piece of clothing what would your answer be? Would it be your bleached and stained band shirt? A guy here in the office says his is his favorite pair of polka dot boxers – the perfect combination of comfort and confidence, or so he says.

For me, that piece of clothing would be a hoodie. Any hoodie. It provides the comfort during that autumn chill. It provides me a sort of barrier for my insecurities, to hide that bleached and stained shirt in case of emergency. Plus, I like to wear it while grabbing a quick nodder here at the office. I’ll just settle in a couch, pull up the hood, try to let it cover my eyes and sleep.

Any dude who tries to nap with a hoodie on knows that the hood is not enough to ward off the light.

Hence, the birth of the Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie. The hoodie that has the hood that you can completely zip up covering your entire face. Sounds claustrophobic? No problem. It has a visor made of breathable mesh that allows you to breathe comfortably and see the outside world from the inside.

I can’t even explain how excited I am for this. Imagine, you’re in the office pantry and you know that someone’s going to look for you and ruin your nap. Simple. Just zip up the hood. Unless they are sure you’re the right person, no one should disturb you from hiding, er, napping. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned this here.

Final tip, I think it’s best not to wear this all zipped up at night, else risk being mistaken for a criminal, you get the picture. Needless to say, it wouldn’t work well with the ladies while zipped up.

You can get your own Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie at $285.