5 Jun 2012

Reka Ebergenyi looks adorably hot, doesn’t she?

Wow, if this isn’t the most awesome photoshoot to gawk at in a casual Tuesday afternoon then.. I really don’t know what is. Here’s one of the my future ex-wives and one of the sexiest babes from Hungary of all time, Reka Ebergenyi, looking like her usual vision of perfection while posing in skimpy little lingerie from a company called GEMMA.

There’s also an awesome swimwear photoshoot with this peach from the same company, but.. we’re going to hold that for tomorrow. Now I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that every inch of this babe is incredible.. look at those legs, and that tiny little waist. And that killer cleavage.. hell look at everything!

I don’t know why Reka is not uber popular right now but if she keeps dropping our jaws with photoshoots like this one, I’m pretty sure everyone in the world will know who she is. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!