8 Oct 2012

Reka Ebergenyi in lingerie will melt your eyeballs, as usual

Wowzers! If you’re a regular reader of this site, then you probably know how much I dig Hungarian supermodel Reka Ebergenyi and her groovy little curves. She’s one of the most stunning girls in the world and, even though right now Barbara Palvin took over her place as “my future girlfriend from Hungary”, if things won’t work out between me and Barbara, I’d go out with this peach at any time of the day haha.

I’m pretty sure you can just imagine how giddy I was this morning when I found these brand spanking new lingerie photos with Reka, which are probably the perfect proof as to why I say she’s one of the world’s most gorgeous girls. Her body is perfect to a T and one look at any of these photos will surely convince you  of that.

I’ve never heard of this company called Barbara, which is apparently a French lingerie retailer, but props to these guys (or gals) for picking Reka to show off their new collection. Reka Ebergenyi in hotness amplifying lingerie is a combination that would turn any of us into a drooling zombie. Enjoy!