24 Mar 2017

Refreshing Southern Style Sweet Tea To Stake Your Life On

I know. I know, sweet tea is a rather simple drink to prepare and can sometimes be considered to be a rather common social lubricant to prepare whenever there is a gathering especially to us bros. However what you do not know about this drink, is that in spite of its reputation of simplicity is the fact that it can easily be messed up when not done right.

Southern Sweet Tea

So for your next social gathering, here is a sure shot refreshing recipe of  a southern style sweet tea that you can concoct according to the theme and flavor specifics of your guests. And just a heads up this sweet tea recipe is like a blank canvass that can serve as a non-alcoholic base for all your cold drinks and even to your ingenious cocktail ideas.

This southern style sweet tea recipe yields up to two and a half quart, so you can freely adjust the recipe according to your desired amount.


Three cups of room temperature

Two family size tea bags or four heaping tablespoon of your favorite tea.

One half to a cup of sugar (depends on your palate’s tolerance for sweetness)

Seven cups of cold water


*In a saucepan boil tree cups of the room temperature water. Once the water boiled add the tea bags or your loose leaf tea into the boiling water. Remove the concoction from heat and let it steep for 10 minutes.

*Pour the tea concoction in a separate large utility bowl and carefully drain the leaves or tea bags while transferring it. Sweeten the tea concoction with sugar and continuously stir it until the sugar crystals dissolve.

* Transfer the sweet tea into a one gallon container and immediately add the seven cups of cold water. Serve it with ice.