18 May 2017

Refreshing Detox Lemonade Series: Soulful Mixed Berry Lemonade (1 of 2)

Who would have thought that drinking lemonade can utterly set your mind, body, and soul in a state of purity? Well, considering our fast paced day-to-day activities it would be good to have something so refreshing and cleansing in order to help us rejuvenate ourselves as well  as in helping us remove all the negative energies and properties that happened to attach or rather invaded our system due to the sort of hum drum sort of way of living that we have.

Mixed Berry Lemonade

Since summer time is fast approaching I have dedicated a series of refreshing yet simple detoxifying lemonade drink recipes that we all bros ought to try for ourselves. This drink recipes in our series aims is not only allows us to enjoy drinking something light and bright as lemonade, but most importantly to also help us proactively concoct a drink that will help boost the frequency of our being. So let’s get started.

Soulful Mix Berry Lemonade


Freshly squeezed lemons (as much as you want)

A cup of blueberries

A cup of  black berries

A cup of raspberries

A cup of sliced large strawberries

A cup of mulberries

Fresh mint leaves

A cup of water (for the simple syrup)

½ cup of wild honey

Lots of ice cubes

½ pitcher of cold water


*In a sauce pan mix the following ingredients for the simple syrup: water, honey, half cup of blueberries, half cup of black berries, half cup of raspberries, half cup of strawberries, half cup of mulberries, and mint. Dilute the honey in the fruit and water mixture before  cooking the mixture over the heat whilst stirring continuously. Once the syrup slightly thickens remove from heat. Mash the fruits and the mint leaves in order to awaken the flavors. Set aside until it reached room temperature and refrigerate for an hour.

*Once simple syrup mixture have been refrigerated for an hour pull it out and prepare the lemonade. Fill a large pitcher half full with ice cubes. Then put in the simple syrup, followed by the lemon juice, and cold water. Mix the lemonade until the flavors have evenly been distributed. Add the remaining fresh fruits and some additional mint leaves for added flavor as well as aesthetic texture.