20 Jan 2012

Red Wings edge out Coyotes in shootout victory

The Red Wings have an enviable 31-14-1 record, and they showed why on Thursday by overcoming the Phoenix Coyotes in a tight 3-2 shootout win. The Red Wings prove that having depth and talent can clinch you wins in tight situations- even when you have a tragic powerplay record recently, one of the worst in the league.

The Phoenix Coyotes are current 21-19-8, but managed to hold their own against the dominant Flyers. Detroit had the edge during the game, but the Coyotes clung to life with a fierce determination.

Both goalies played a tight game, with the Coyotes Mike Smith making 33 saves, and Detroit’s Jimmy Howard making a respectable 31. It’s heartbreaking for a goalie to play so well and lose in the shootouts. Check out the highlights here.

I’ll leave with a question to our readers: Do you think that games should be settled with shoot outs or more overtime?

[Photos via ESPN]