30 Mar 2017

Reasons Why Sleep Deprivation Can Pose A Threat to the Health!

Whether you are a professional or a student, you have experienced not having enough sleep. From research papers to project proposals, there are just too much things to do and not enough time so by the end of the day, a certain amount of sleep gets sacrificed. It is a bad habit that a lot of people who live busy lives have and it is not something that they can easily avoid. There maybe times when everything is due all at the same time and one can’t help but procrastinate, so they end up doing everything last minute and therefore, they end up not sleeping to finish them. But little do they know that lack of sleep can cause some serious effects towards the body. Here are a few reasons why sleep deprivation can pose a threat to the health.

Sleep Deprivation

Possible heart complications.

Without sleep, there is a higher probability that you will get some heart disease. Because of the lack of sleep, the heart rate tends to become faster and it might overwork the heart. This, in turn, will cause harmful effects to the heart itself. Blood pressure rises when you do not sleep enough, let alone if you don’t sleep at all. Some of the surprising health risks because of sleep deprivation are heart disease, heart failure, and even heart attack.

Affects the sex drive.

The sex drive of a person varies. However, it is evident that the mood and the health of the person are big factors that can influence the sex drive of someone. Without any sleep at all, your mood will be down and you won’t have the energy to do anything. Because of that, your sex drive will drop at an all time low and you will get stressed and depressed even more. Some might say that it is all some myth. But in reality, if you don’t sleep for a day, don’t you feel a irate and annoyed most of the time and all you want to do is just sleep. If that is the case, then the previous statements hold true. Without enough sleep, there will be a drop in the sex drive of a person.

Early Amnesia?

Although it is an exaggeration that being forgetful already means that you have amnesia. But it will come to that point if you don’t do something about that sleep deprivation of yours. Forgetting what you ate during lunch is due to the fact that all you are thinking about is wanting to sleep. You won’t be paying attention to the things that are happening around you.