13 Sep 2016

Do You Really Know When She Wants To Have Sex?

Recent surveys show that men tend to misinterpret women’s sexual interest. Honestly, I don’t think that we need surveys to prove that at all. I mean, women are just plain confusing. That’s it. Period. Does she want to have sex? Or doesn’t she? It’s hard to tell, that’s it!

However, there might be some hidden information in these studies that we might make use of. Hence, allow me to divide this article into two parts.

Girl With Condom Before Sex

The Woman We Just Met A Few Minutes Ago

Picture this, you’re in a bar, and you just met a girl. You talk to her and she seems kinda nice. Did you know that men are actually hardwired to think that women who are being nice are actually flirting with us, even if they’re…well…just being nice?

Yes, that’s right. It’s NORMAL to overestimate a female’s sexual interest if we still don’t know her that well because we need to be alert and on the prowl on every single chance we have to “plant our seed”. While we might get a few slaps because of this, we also have the higher chance of getting a score just in case we read our radars right.

The Woman We’ve Lived With For Years

Surprisingly, we act the complete opposite when it comes to women whom we’ve already shared a long-term relationship with, and scientists say it has a lot to do with our ego. It’s better to underestimate than to assume and get turned down.

But don’t feel bad, underestimating your partner’s sexual interest is actually a good thing. According to research, this results with us men putting more effort to wooing the ladies just to make love – and that my friends, spell for a happier relationship ahead!

Hence, the next time that you want to have sex with a woman, you might want to gauge how much you already know her. But here is one sure tip to get laid more often: PUT IN MORE EFFORT! There’s no secret behind this, and it works for both new and long-term partners alike.