12 Jul 2017

The Real Reason Why You Can’t Stop Eating Bacon And Other Unhealthy Food!

There are a lot of substances that a person can get addicted to, but here is a fact. A person doesn’t need to get hooked on drugs just to get addicted with something. You just need to open your refrigerator, for instance, start eating something and get hooked on that!

Eating Bacon

In this light, here are some of the sinfully delicious foods that you can get addicted to in a terribly unhealthy way.


Thank the heavens and all the gods for the invention of bacon. But, like all sinful things, bacon has its own fair share of negative effects – one of them, being addicting. To preserve this piece of meat, it needs to go through a lot of chemical treatments and a lot of artificial substances added to it to prolong its life. These substances also make the food yummy, and unfortunately, addicting.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is not the real culprit here, but its sugar content. Ice cream has a really high sugar content, and consuming sugar releases dopamine – our body’s happy and pleasure hormone. That’s why you always feel good after a scoop. And if it makes you feel that good then your body will crave more of it, and there our problem lies because too much sugar, as we know it, would lead to diabetes.

Potato Chips

Do you know why we eat a lot of potato chips, aside from the fact that it tastes good? Well researches say that it actually has a lot to do with the crunch since we evolved from eating crunchy insects, then raw veggies. Well we obviously evolved much since then if that’s any consolation. Another factor is that we all eat potato chips per handful from a non-transparent pack. Maybe that’s what we have to do with carrot sticks…sprinkle them with cheese powder and put them in a non-transparent pack.

There are still a lot of addicting food that we have not listed down here, but you can easily spot them anyway. If it’s really delicious and you can’t stop eating them, then there you have it. Just remember that there are healthy addictions and there are not-so-healthy ones, like the food that we have listed here unfortunately. We just need to control our consumption in the end.