7 Nov 2016

Real Life Boogie Men: Top Ten Worst Serial Killers In History

When we were kids, we were led to believe that Boogie Man lives under our beds and if we don’t sleep early, he gets mad and let his presence be felt. What we didn’t realize though is that real Boogie Men lives in this world, and their atrocities, are enough to freak the shit out of your pants and might just be enough to let you lose hope in humanity. Prepare yourself.

10. Indonesian Cannibal

In 2011, a female Indonesian was arrested for cannibalism. In fact, some of the remains of the thirty women she murdered and eaten was still in her fridge! To top it all off, it was said that she even hosted parties so that she could serve her culinary creation to unsuspecting guests. Now that’s a Halloween party I would hate to attend.

9. Israel Keyes

Talk about being in-love with his “career”, Israel Keyes really REALLY wanted to be a serial killer that he studied other serial killers. He invented his own techniques and strategies and even stashed a “killing kit” composed of shovels, plastic bags, and other tools in different areas for increased effectivity.

8. Chang-Shin and Chang-Shan

The two are innkeepers in Changshow China. I am not kidding. Anyway, they have murdered 79 guests and possibly more (with a quota of one victim a day), and they did that in order to steal from them.

7. Mikhail P

Mikhail might as well be one of the scariest serial killers on this list (if such a thing was possible). More than twenty women have been linked to him but the Russian police believe that he could have killed at least fifty women. His MO would be picking up women, making them believe that he’s going to give them a ride home, but he would take them to a forested area instead and torture them. His favorite instruments were screwdrivers and different knives.

6. Werewolf Of Bedburg

Move over Taylor Lautner because you are absolutely nothing compared to this real-life werewolf. Not that you would even like to be compared to this bastard. Peter Stumpp killed 14 children, 2 pregnant women, ate fetuses, and even ate his own son’s brain.

5. Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan

Talk about creativity, these two were a serial killing team who obviously enjoyed coming up with different ways of killing people. They would target what they called “sub-humans”: homosexuals, drug addicts, gypsies, and more by burning, stabbing, whatever way possible. They murdered ten people and what’s more is that both of them have been imprisoned and already roaming free as we speak.

4. Dr. Virginia Helena Soares de Souza

This female doctor wanted to free up some space in the hospital including the Intensive Care Unit, so her answer was to kill three hundred patients. She did it by giving them muscle relaxants and cutting their oxygen supply.

3. Giulia Tofana

How prolific should you get in becoming a serial killer for a type of poison to be named after you? Tofana was able to murder more than six hundred people during her decades long career in Rome.

2. Christman Genipperteinga

Christman is one of the most successful serial killers of all time, according to serial killing history. But honestly, he must have been disappointed that he wasn’t able to meet his 1000 mark. He was able to murder 964 men, women, and children.

1. Zu Shenatir

Zu is one of history’s earliest recorded serial killers, hence it’s no such surprise that he’s often tagged as the “first serial killer ever”. The exact number of his victims had not been recorded, but I’m guessing that he was able to murder a LOT, like unbelievable numbers. After all, this guy’s pretty wealthy so he was able to get away with it for a long time. His method? Sodomizing young boys and throwing them out of the window after.