28 Jun 2011

Raychel Frew’s crazy curves will… drive you crazy

Let me just start off by saying that.. I didn’t know too many things about Raychel Frew until I came across these drool inducing photos at our friends from DJMick earlier today. I can’t believe we’ve never featured this drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian peach on our site yet but… that’s all going to change today.

Raychel is a busty brunette model who won Miss Hawaiian Tropic a couple of years ago and.. since then she was featured in a couple of mens magazines around the world dropping every reader’s jaw with her magnificent rack. That’s what happened to me as well and her sweet funbags were exactly the two reasons why we wanted to feature her on our site as well.

Now, I don’t have a clue how old these photos are but I’m sure you won’t even care when you’ll gush over them. So… here’s Raychel Frew showing off her bodacious curves and totally dropping our jaws in the process in these amazing bikini photos. Enjoy!