12 Oct 2012

Rachelle Goulding in lingerie once again? Yes please!

Just a week ago we posted here a couple of brand spanking new lingerie photos with the uber sweet Canadian model Rachelle Goulding, that you guys and gals totally enjoyed, judging by the views, likes and exactly four emails I’ve received (probably from the same guy), and today you’ll get to see another lingerie photoshoot with this girl since you liked her so much.

I know you’re really excited already so.. I’ll try to keep this one short. Here’s Rachelle Goulding showing off her ridiculously sexy curves, legs, cleavage, etc.. this time for the new lingerie collection from Macy’s. Now I’ve seen a lot of new photos from Macy’s lately but this girl totally blows everyone else out of the water.

The other girls were really hot as well, but Rachelle is ten times sexier and really, really nice. I’m glad that she finally gets the attention she truly deserves. Enjoy and .. try not to drool all over yourselves.