15 Aug 2016

A Quick Guide To The Newest Team In The Olympics: Team Refugee

The 2016 Rio Olympics might be juggling numerous issues right now, but if there’s one thing that they certainly got right, it’s this: allowing Team Refugee to participate.

Team Refugee

It was only earlier this year then the International Olympics Committee announced that there will be a new team competing for this year’s Olympics, but they are not going to represent a country. In fact, they are not coming from a country at all – they’ll be hailing from different countries, and they are also without countries. They are the refugees, most of them fleeing from their respective homelands, barely escaping the war alive.

We all saw that they were also included in the Parade of Nations during the opening ceremony, but for the flag, they were given the Olympic flag and anthem. Currently, they are based in the Olympic Village, just like all the other athletes. However, it is important to mention that all of the expenses, including coaches and travel were all sponsored by the Olympic Solidarity Program.

Originally there were more than forty hopefuls in the initial line up for Team Refugee, however, only ten of them made the cut. Here is the breakdown: two of them came from Syria (including the beautiful swimmer, Yusra Mardini), two of them came from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (both will be participating in Judo), five came from South Sudan (participating in various athletics), and finally, one coming from Ethiopia.

Sure these guys got no country, but they certainly have the biggest fanbase. All of the world will be cheering for them, after all – and count us here from Brosome in! There are surely a lot of shit happening in the world today, but it’s good to see that team humanity is also getting some score. There still might be some hope left for us.