16 Mar 2017

Quick And Easy Punch For Modern Day Gentleman’s Party Series Part 4

Oi mates! Still in a pickle of how you would finally conclude on what to serve in your party are you not? Well lads you are in luck for we have a very unique punch recipe we feature today in the last part of our party drink recipe series that will surely help you awe all your guests in delight. If you haven’t tried or read our previous posts in this series, we implore you to check out our other three punch recipes that can help you to augment the excitement in your future parties. You can never go wrong with a punch bowl full of liquid excitement if you know what I mean.

Bourbon Maple Chai Punch

Now on to our featured punch recipe for today. This punch recipe features a very unique combination of flavor that you would definitely have thought to combine in bowl of punch. Well for starters the star ingredients in this punch recipe are usually seen together in a pot hot beverage during your regular tea time and they are also not regularly seen together at its fresh state.  But what I can assure you off is that the sweetness crisp flavors of the ingredients will you and your guest the zing that you are looking for a drink. The two main ingredients of this punch recipe that I am talking about are apples and chai tea.

For those who are not familiar with chai, it is Siam’s or Thailand’s very own concoction of tea that gives a unique and almost smoky yet grainy flavor. Now the question is what will make Chai and apples turn into a lovely liquid mixture of liquid fun? The answer are bourbon and maple syrup. I know…I know.. I have the puzzled expression when I first encountered this punch for myself. So without further ado here is the punch recipe:

Bourbon Maple Chai Punch

Just like with our first two punch recipes in this series, this lovely concoction yields up to eight to ten cocktail servings in fifteen minute time.


Two cups of strongly brewed chai tea

Two cups of apple cider

One and ahalf cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice

One and a half cup of sweet maple syrup

Four dashes of orange bitters

Two cups of dry hard cider

Three cups of bourbon

Four cups of sparkling water

Slices of apples, oranges, and several sticks of cinnamon barks for the final beautification of the punch.


*In a chilled large punch bowl combine half of the apple slices together with the following fluids: maple syrup, chai tea, lemon juice, orange bitters, bourbon, apple cider and hard cider.

*As you are about to serve the punch add in the punch bowl (carefully) few generous blocks of ice, sparkling water, and the remaining apple slices, oranges, and sticks of cinnamon.