6 Apr 2017

Quick And Easy Punch For Modern Day Gentleman’s Party Series Part 3

You can’t get enough of the punch fever are you not? Well I can’t blame you since we are also on the same page here man. After all, punch is one of the most effective way of bringing your party in to a whole new level of fun. Just like our two previous punch recipes  (Spicy Spanish Lover and Treasure Chest Punch recipes) in this quick and easy punch  series, our new recipe today shall bring you a very fulfilling feeling physically, emotionally, and soulfully.

The Wedding Punch

This punch recipe is no joke. Once you have sip of this cocktail I assure you, your palate will undergo an adventure of bright symphony of colorful flavors filled with heart-felt emotions of love and romance. When I first tasted this cocktail or punch recipe I can’t help but to feel a total loss for words. The experience I had with this drink is like hearing a tasteful poetry or a romantic confession of love formed and told in every single sip of it.

I only understand why I had such a soulfully emotional experience of love with that drink when I learned how this punch is called as well as the story of its creation. According to our research online about this punch recipe, this cocktail was served during the wedding of a known cocktail luminary to his loving wife.  In honor of their union this cocktail was created in order to fully grasp the glorious celebration of their union, hence the punch’s name: The Wedding Punch.

The Wedding Punch

This punch recipe yields up to twelve to fourteen cocktail servings and can be completed within ten minutes. In the making of this punch it is important that you make it a point that you are making use of the most colorful berries you have available in order to invigorate the drinks entire aesthetic appeal.


One and a half cups of elderflower liqueur

Twelve to fifteen cups of prosecco or approximately three to four bottles

Six cups of dry vermouth

A block of ice


Lemon wheels

Lime wheels

Orange wheels

Seasonal berries



*In a chilled large punch bowl mix in the elderflower liqueur, prosecco, and dry vermouth.

*Once the drink is about to be served, carefully add in the block of ice in the punch bowl, and garnish the punch with the different wheels of fruits and seasonal berries.