24 Feb 2017

Quick And Easy Punch For Modern Day Gentleman’s Party Series Part 1

Planning  a party can be a messy job most of the time in this time and age. Being a modern day gentleman it is imperative that we have the knowledge of the proper ways of starting and managing a party as part of our skills in socialization, since it provides a lot of useful things such as leaving a fine impression upon the people where we thrive, learn the ways of men coming from different backgrounds and strata of our society, improve on our arsenal of socialization skills, increase our network and scope of influence,  score the hottest chicks in the classiest manner, and most importantly exercise the noble graceful art of hospitality that which is considered to be one of the important factors where a true gentleman is being gauged.

Spicy Spanish Lovers Punch

However, planning and managing a party can be an easy job to do as long as you know the things that are needed as per the type of party that you want to throw. The most generic and probably vital things to prepare in any party are tasty foods, good music, and lots of drinks since it serves as a socializing lubricant that will surely put an edge to your party. And what would be the most effective sort of drink to be present in your party other than a bowl full of refreshing punch, so here is a quick and easy punch recipe that we have found online that you ought to try for your gentleman’s party:

Spicy Spanish Lovers Punch

This recipe makes up to eight to ten cocktails and can be done within fifteen minutes.


Three fourth cup of lime juice

Quarter cup of Averna

One and a half cup of tequila

Three fourth cup of simple syrup

Half cup of oloroso sherry

(For Garnish)

Grated nutmeg and candied lime


This punch is pretty easy to make all you need to do is combine the Averna, tequila, lime juice, oloroso sherry, simple syrup in a large chilled punch bowl. Add some large chunks of ice on the punch bowl and garnish it with few sprinkles of nutmeg and slices of candied lime for an extra spicy sweet kick into your punch.