3 Apr 2017

Question: If You Had An 18.9-Inch Penis…Would You Reduce It?

No. I’m not kidding. 54-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera was from Mexico was declared to have the world’s biggest penis at a whopping 18.9 inches. How did he do it? Maybe it’s genetics you might say? Not really. His penis glands only extends to up to seven inches and the rest of his penis are, well, foreskin and blood vessels. Nevertheless, it still counts. That’s why Roberto doesn’t want it to be reduced in any way.

Would You Reduce your penis

So if his penis should only be seven inches long, how did it grow so big?

Apparenty, he tied bands and weights on his little guy until it grew up to that size. Something to think about, and here are a couple of things more to think about since we’re already on the subject of his penis.

Roberto is now considered as a physically disabled person in Mexico because he can no longer do to the size of his schlong. His penis is simply to big for him to fit into any uniform and look decent. Other than that, he cannot function physical tasks like a normal person. He can’t kneel, can’t run, and do a lot of stuff. In fact, his penis is just too big for him to even have sex, though I bet some of the ladies out there are willing to give that gangster a try. Maybe he’ll more than welcome you. Just imagine what an amazing feat that would be to be able to contain the world’s biggest penis inside your vagina. Or maybe not, when it would obviously reach up to your stomach.

So why still hold on to it?

Simple. The very reason why he put on those bands and weights to elongate it in the first place. In their culture, the bigger the penis, the more masculine you are. (Now why does that sound so familiar?)