20 Apr 2012

Proof that Mini Anden is sultry from head to toe

I can’t believe this is actually the first time we’re featuring Swedish supermodel and actress Mini Anden in here but.. I guess better late than never, right? This is actually a pretty rare sighting.. since we don’t get too this girl too often looking as sexy as she looks here in movies or in new photoshoots either. That’s why you should appreciate these pics even more.

Here she’s showing off her sexy Swedish supermodel side in a variety of skimpy outfits in a couple of drool inducing poses for the Twilfit Campaign. No idea what’s that but props to them for having the great idea of picking Mini Anden to model for them and to drop our jaws straight to the floor in the process.

I mean.. will you get a load of that? I’ve never seen this peach looking this ridiculously hot and that’s why I think my focus is completely lost right now. What I should be doing is drooling over her groovy little body instead of writing this. I’ll do that right now. Enjoy!