5 Oct 2011

Proof that Diana Morales is super hottie perfection!

Here’s Spanish supermodel and all around vision of perfection, Diana Morales, showing off her ridiculously hot body for the newest collection of swimwear from Aguaclara. Now.. I’m not going to go on and on like I usually do about how incredibly sexy Diana is and how she is perfection personified but what I will say is that I can’t believe there’s something hotter than this peach in skimpy lingerie.

I still can’t decide exactly what I like more.. seeing her in one of these sexy bikinis or gawking like a fool at this girl wearing nothing but lingerie but.. I guess the sexiness she oozes is almost the same in both cases. Meh, I’d actually love to see this peach in lingerie, in swimwear and in anything else, I guess, if I’m with her everyday.

Now back to the real world where my girlfriend is not Diana Morales (yet)… I think most of you guys aren’t even reading this so I’d better stop right here and leave you to the clickin’ and drooling part. Enjoy!