29 Apr 2011

Proof that Diana Morales is perfect and totally hot

Alright my peeps, we’ve kept the best at the end! The lingerie bonanza from Frederick’s of Hollywood continues with one of the world’s most gorgeous women for me, Spanish supermodel Diana Morales. She’s still relatively unknown for the regular internet user but until now she’s been on our site a couple of times and every time I’ve looked at a bunch of new photos with her, my facial reaction resembled a drooling zombie.

And that happened right now as well. This girl and FC Barcelona are maybe the two main reasons why I’d move to Spain one day. Or at least visit that country in the near future. Now… I can go on and on about how much this peach makes me melt, and how sexy I think she is, but you guys will easily notice that from the following photos.

So… Here’s Diana Morales unleashing her uber hotness and sexy little body in this new lingerie photoshoot for Frederick’s of Hollywood.  Enjoy and have a nice weekend!