21 Oct 2013

Priscila Uchoa is one hot Brazilian mama!

Hello there, hoochie mama! Does anyone believe that this incredible sensual and fit Brazilian babe is 26 years old? Neither do I! But the fact is that she is and, better yet, she also has a kid. No way dude! Introducing Latina uber sweet supermodel Priscila Uchoa while drying up my eye in some Movimento sexy swimwear outfits. Now, that’s one over-the-top, ultra cute and totally dreamy MILF!

I’m still mesmerized by her looks, which totally disagree with the biographical info available on the web; this girl is totally aiming at perfection and, boy, is she close – and so are her measurements. This stunning blonde has got me speechless and I can’t seem to describe her; what is there to say? Well, take a look for yourself and try to find one, I doubt you’ll succeed. All I can say is that Priscila is the ultimate prototype of feminine sensuality. Steamin’!

As I drool endlessly and imagine myself taking this hottie to the beach, I can only feel envious as hell at her significant other – as I’ve seen, he’s dreamy as well – but also offer my congratulations and respect on bagging this foxy lady. The rest of us are left with admiring her ultra fit body lines, that perfect top and her endless end sexy legs. Here she is – for the first time and, hopefully, not last – the Brazilian dripping sex appeal all over my thoughts, Priscila Uchoa. Enjoy!