5 Jan 2017

How To Prepare The Perfect Mimosa That Screams “Happy New Year!”

There’s no drink that represents the happy holidays more than the mimosa, so I believe that every one (both ladies and gentlemen – and yes, that includes you!) should be able to prepare this holiday drink. It’s not too late to make one now! After all, it’s still practically the beginning of the year.

mimosa cocktail

The Wine

The first step in order to create the perfect mimosa drink is finding the perfect wine. And for this recipe what you need is a dry sparkling wine, preferably the “Cava” coming from Spain. Just remember to get dry sparkling and not sweet. That’s where a lot of people usually gets it wrong.

The Juice

Next, remember that this drink is fifty percent orange juice, so you might want to get it fresh. Freshly squeezed is still the best way to go as opposed to canned or boxed, unless you have a personal favorite that you can stake your life on.

The Ratio

Ideally, the perfect mimosa is still equal parts juice and equal parts wine, but feel free to experiment when it comes to how much wine you’re going to put in especially if you’re serving it earlier in the day. To prepare, start by cooling both the wine and juice. Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY wants a warm mimosa. It’s a refreshingly cool holiday drink so let’s keep it that way.

Once they’re cool, ready the glasses and pour your wine first. Then, pour in the orange juice. You’d want to put both the wine and orange juice back into the fridge after preparing. And that’s it! That’s how to prepare mimosa. You also have the option to add in a bit of orange liqueur or triple sec but that’s totally optional. Everyone’s got different tastes so feel free to add in a personal touch. Just don’t forget the heart of the drink: the wine and the juice.