10 Dec 2013

Prepare for the storm of sweet Andreea Diaconu

You guys have no idea who this hottie is, but no worries, I’m here to clear that out. Andreea Diaconu  is a 22 years old Romanian supermodel who took the world by storm and decided to do the same thing to us. Here she is, posing for the very first time in front of us, in some Victoria’s Secret lingerie meant to get you in the mood for.. Twister. And I gotta say the babe.. I mean, the lingerie does its job well.

This sweet honey is considered by the models.com site to be worthy of the 21st place in their top of world’s most important models. That says a lot about her, and so do her nice body lines and her cute smile in the pics below. If you can think of a famous name, she’s worked for it or worn the clothes. She’s been featured twice on the Vogue cover this year, and she’s no stranger to Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren. And guess who has his eyes on this luscious trophy?

Andrea Diaconu is so sexy, and almost perfect, that famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been rumored to be interested in her. But that’s as much as anyone knows about her private life, since it is private and she manages to stay out of the spotlight and mind her own life with no intrusions. She loves traveling and exotic places, so feel free to check out her Facebook profile to keep up with her hotness and recent pics. For now, let us drool at the photo-gallery below. Enjoy!