9 Aug 2017

Possible Brain Changes Caused By Diabetes

Have you ever met a guy with a particularly low appetite? There are not really a lot of them who exist out there, right? We are just naturally born with big appetites. This is the reason why a lot of our illnesses are caused by our unhealthy diets.


We just love to eat, that’s what! I’m not saying that ladies hate eating, it’s just that I’ve never met a lady yet with a bigger appetite than me, and that’s my two cents on the matter.

Moving on, our love of eating exposes us to different health risks such as overweight, diabetes, and heart failure just to mention a few. But did you ever think that diabetes, being overweight, and dementia are actually related?

Diabetes and Dementia

According to the latest studies, 150 people with diabetes were tested through MRI and it was found out that those who were overweight were at greater risk of brain function decline as compared to people, still with diabetes, but in normal weight.

It is no big secret that Diabetes has been linked to other ailments and complications in the past, but dementia?

Unfortunately, the exact reason why diabetes and being overweight have this kind of effect on our brains are still unknown. Probable causes are inflammation and poor blood sugar control. But hey, come to think of it, if you are really at risk of getting dementia because of your unhealthy diet, then you might not even live to reach that stage of mental deterioration because your heart would most likely give up along the way anyhow.

The only real solution is to take care of your health through a healthy diet, good lifestyle, and enough physical activity to help burn the excess fat in our body. This would also help out a lot with our metabolism so you could say goodbye to all those extra pounds. Stay healthy!