13 Mar 2017

Pokémon Go, Surprising Gaming App For Dating

I hope most of you bro are aware of what Pokémon Go is? If you happen to not be familiar with this gaming app, well let me tell you that it is one of the most popular application that dominates the great number smart phone user across the globe. Pokémon Go’s mechanics is simple it allows you to scour your area and search for Pokémon’s with the use of your phone’s or gadget’s camera and capture them.  Now what is interesting about this app is its tendency to help you and other players get to know each other by hunting a common Pokémon that you need to capture, making this application a fun filled hobby that brings people together.

Pokémon Go

However, the makers and people behind this ingenious gaming application is that it is no longer only social gaming app, but also becomes an avenue of bringing hopeless romantics together and is now considered by most single people as a successful dating app. I know it gets a bit confusing on how a gaming app managed to be used a dating app by most players, but let me shed some light on this matter and share you some facts that we have managed to encounter through our personal searches online.

According to some statistics based on this game, almost and over ninety-nine percent of people playing the gaming app single and have all their time allotted in playing this game. Since all of them are playing the same gaming app, reaching a fruitful conversation with the same interest that they have is a pretty easy task to accomplish making it easier for them to find a common ground and get to know each other.

Plus there are those organized events where avid players meet and greet total strangers while searching for the Pokémon that will complete their list and turn them to instant friends and for our hopeless romantic bros out there a reason to get know and date “beautiful strangers” so to speak.