19 Aug 2015

PM Hottie: Icy Blonde Vika Falileeva

Growing up, Vika Falileeva always felt different because of how skinny she was compared to everyone else in the city she came from in Siberia, Russia. She got made fun of and was even nicknamed “giraffe”. But look at where she is now, all you childhood tormentors of hers! She’s been the face of brands like Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger, and most likely won’t just stop there.

But before she even got to where she is now, she nearly got completely ignored by the model scout who was trying to get her sister — instead of her — to model. Thankfully, she decided to tag along to the agency with her sister and was finally discovered. Imagine if she hadn’t gone. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy Vika Falileeva’s icy beauty as much as we can now.

[Via viewmer.com/thefashionspot.com]