10 Jul 2015

PM Hottie: Slim and Sexy Toni Garrn

A model without proper exposure doesn’t lead to much success. Without it, we wont be able to even find out about her. However, this next beauty is definitely got the exposure she deserves.

German beauty Toni Garrn is one hot blonde. Her beach bikini body is more than enough to prove that. And because of her jaw dropping body, she managed to start her career at the very young age of 15. And it wasn’t only with some designer. It was with Calvin Klein. Now that’s how you get exposure. Her exclusivity contract has earned her a spot as one of the sought after models today.

But whatt caught our attention is her appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in 2013. She stomped her way to the crowd and wowed the audience with her slim and sexy body.