4 Nov 2014

PM Hottie: The Bold & Ambitious Bar Paly

In the land of the best vodka lies one of the most beautiful models and actresses the US has ever known. We have the attractive and down right gorgeous, Bar Paly!

She may have been born in Russia but she is an Israeli by birth and was raised in no less than the land of beauty, Tel Aviv.

Now you may recognize our PM Hottie for her roles in The Starter Wife, How I Met Your Mother, the movies Non Stop, Million Dollar Arm and the horror flick, The Ruins. When she’s not too busy exercising her acting skills, she strips down to the sexiest lingerie and swimwear to show us what she’s made of and boy, are we such lucky viewers.

Bar Paly has certainly worked her assets of to get to where she is now and we duly admire her for that. So if you’ve never heard of her, you oughtta be ashamed of yourself.

Here is the model/actress spreading the goods!

[Via brobible.com/rantlifestyle.com]