15 Aug 2017

PM Hottie: Teresa Moore, Fearless And Foxy

A lot of us like a girl who makes us feel needed. A lady, who would probably get scared of a creepy crawler, or who might breathe uneasily while watching a scary movie, and we would be more than happy to become a knight in shining armor for her and come to rescue this damsel in distress. If you’re that kind of guy, then the hottie whom we are going to feature today – Teresa Moore – is probably not your type.

Because she’s not your regular chick. In fact, she’s fearless, and definitely not the damsel in distress type of lass. In fact, she’s even willing to pose in a lingerie along with a boa constrictor! If that’s not fierce and sexy for you, I don’t know what is.

[VIA celebslam.com/coed.com]