30 Oct 2014

PM Hottie: Tamrin Leeanda is Your Naughty English Dollface!

Naughty, daring and down right sexy— Tamrin Leeanda, our PM Hottie is out to conquer our dreams and she’s doing a pretty damn good job at it!

Also known as Tammy M, the 24-year old English model is one of our current favorites when it comes to sharing the goods on cam. Her face looks demure and innocent but once you pan your eyes further down, her body tells you she does enjoy some action.

The brown-haired beauty looks sizzlin’ hot whether she wears the tightest dress, lingerie, bikini or close to nothing at all. It would be a big shame if you’ve never heard of her.

Well now thanks to us, you can finally discover a little bit more about Tamrin Leeanda. It won’t be long until she hits it big thanks to her assets. Check her out!

[Via 1zoom.net/outofaces.com]