16 Nov 2017

AM Hottie: Striking Silvia Giurca

To say that Silvia Giurca is eye-catching is completely an understatement. In fact, when you look at her, this is what happens: Your eyes open so wide they’re this close to popping out, your jaws drop for the next five minute (or more) and you find yourself filling an entire bucket with your drool dripping down from your mouth. That’s how wildly beautiful she is!

The Romanian model is such a stunner, it hurts. With her ash blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, her face is enough to move mountains. Draw your attention a below and you’ll be presented with a body of a goddess.

Have never heard of her? Then this is your lucky day, my friend. Hold on to your sanity because here’s Silvia Giurca showing you what she’s got.

[Via celebwallpaper.org/xaxor.com]