6 Nov 2017

PM Hottie: Scene-Stealer Sigrid Agren

France and Sweden are two countries that bear some of the world’s most exceptional women. Here, we have the best of both worlds as French-Swedish model, Sigrid Agren graces BroSome for the first time.

One look at this 26-year old and you’re instantly bound under her spell. She is charming, confident and altogether mesmerizing. No wonder agents have found their next best bet once they laid their eyes on her when she was only 15. Since she entered Elite Model Look back in 2006, her career skyrocketed.

Now also Victoria’s Secret angel, Sigrid Agren is a certified bombshell who is about to conquer the world, one brand at a time. Here she is in her finest moments — and by that we mean, her sexiest ones.