15 Oct 2014

PM Hottie: Shenae Saifi

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis certainly hit the jackpot when he married hot babe, Shenae Saifi. Today, we’re featuring her as BroSome’s PM Hottie of the Day for a handful of reasons.

First, she’s managed to stay out of the limelight despite her husband’s undeniable fame. Nothing’s more alluring and attractive than a woman of mystery. What we were able to pick up from her is that she’s wildly religious but really, there’s nothing wrong with a woman with values right?

Now onto the goods. She’s got sexy abs, a curvaceous body and a beautiful smile to top everything off. She’s a real catch and whether she’s out and about with her BFF’s or just at home sporting skimpy shorts and a crop top, she’s got everything on point.

We’re going to take a moment to congratulate Willis for what possibly is his biggest trophy to date. In celebration of her, here’s Shenae Saifi in some of her sexiest moments in photos.