24 May 2016

PM Hottie: Stunningly Sexy Shanina Shaik

Well, there’s a beauty from the land down under. Shanina Shaik is a true-blooded Aussie, and we love it. Just look at those dark gorgeous locks that perfectly match her strong eye brows and luscious lips that you just want to smack a kiss!

Even without her makeup on, she’s pretty. So it’s no wonder why she has been chosen to be a Victoria Secrets Angel.

According to our research, this girl really loves to live the life! Partying, taking first-class flights, and all that jazz. Enjoy it girl, cause you deserve it. And when it comes to partying, you are truly a girl after my own heart. I sure wish to get to party with you someday soon.


[VIA heavy.com/coed.com]