3 Mar 2015

PM Hottie: Seductress Brooke Hanmer

Sometimes, we wished there was an invention to infinitely pat yourself on the back because right now, we couldn’t be more proud to find Brooke Hanmer — the very gorgeous and bangable babe you might have never heard of.

The Corona Boxing model may be a bad cook but she certainly knows how to rock in front of the camera. The tanned blonde packs a tight body with some seriously toned abs. Whether she’s wearing a super tight spandex or basking beachside with her equally hot beach-ready lady friends, she nails it every single time.

Let’s not forget about those pouty lips of hers that’s making us break a sweat more than when we’re on a treadmill.

Need proof? We’ve got more than enough sultry photos of Brooke Hanmer right here. So go ahead, enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget to look the door.

[Via instagram.com/listal.com]