27 Aug 2017

PM Hottie: Rachel Russell, Simply Sexy

How do you know when a girl is sexy? Does she have to be naked? Does she need to be in a bikini? Do you think it’s the size of her boobs or her butt? Actually, it’s none of the above. You know when a girl is sexy when she’s only in a white tank and jeans, you look at her, and you still feel hot.

Or she has nothing on but a white oversized sweater and her underwear and you can’t resist the urge to touch yourself. Much like looking at the sexy pictures of Rachel Russell on Instagram. I know because I can’t help but touch myself now. Ooops, too much information. I guess I need a quick break so I’ll leave you lads to check out her pictures below. Cheerio!

(via facebook.com/gettyimages.com)